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What it means to be a stylist

Being a fashion stylist is a lifestyle just as much as it is a career for me, and I think that is essential for anyone who wants to be successful in this industry. You need to keep up to date with all the latest fashion trends, from the kind of jewellery that keeps popping up, to what kind of boots are frequently being worn, there really is no end! This takes a lot of time going through social media, subscribing to magazines such as Stylist, and speaking to other people in the industry to get their take on things. 

When a confirmed booking comes in if often starts several days before the actual job takes place. This is because some shoots require the stylist to go out and buy clothes for all the models, which can be days worth of shooting. This takes a great level of knowledge as we usually only get a brief, and have to match the clothes to fit the vibe, and it can come at a great expense, sometimes a few thousand pounds worth until you return the clothes after the shoot. Despite all this it's absolutely worth it if you love your job, for me choosing the clothes is fun and exciting, and when I see how happy the client is on the shoot with my choices, it makes it worth every minute! 

The shoot day for me is the best thing about my job, usually I am a London stylist where there is a great level of expectancy. It can involve dressing two, three or more models on a single shoot, making sure they are all in order, and ready to go. Along side I need to make sure any model is dressed correctly and the clothes are fitting perfectly, and if anything doesn't it's my job to take care of it! 

It's clear to see this job is very demanding, full of hustle and bustle and at times stressful, but the rewards are astonishing! You meet new, amazing people every job you on. You are constantly learning and developing as a stylist as every client wants something a little bit different, and if you love clothes and fashion like I do, what's better than doing it as job.

Working commercially as a Manchester Stylist

It's becoming increasingly more clear that Manchester is becoming the e-commerce capital of the UK. With media city being built several years ago, and the much lower cost price, it's easy to see why so many companies are choosing to set up shop up north!


Being a London stylist is similar, but also very different from being a Manchester stylist. For me working in here is all about building relationships with clients. This is because although lots of companies operating up north, it's still much less than London, but you are more likely to get booked more often. So if you can get great relationships with three or four regular clients, you're more than likely to be very busy as a Manchester stylist. 

Another key aspect is consistently and concentration. You can be working 5 days a week shooting more than sixty garments a day, and if you make one mistake it could lead to an item online with the tag left one. This might not seem like a big deal, but trust me it is! The company would be left looking unprofessional, and when it comes to someone to blame it could cost the stylist their job. This is why being able to concentrate for long periods of time is so important, when your freelance any day could be your last, so you need to make a good impression EVERY DAY!

For me one of the major benefits of being a Manchester stylist is the regular income. Stylist jobs in London can often pay more, be more fun and creative, but they are harder to come by. This is because many more people live and work in London, I mean it's the fashion capital on the United Kingdom, thus creating a much higher level of competition for every freelance job.

In Manchester once you get set up your regular monthly income stream follows on. This gives you that added sense of security knowing you can comfortably pay your bills, and actually save some money up, which seems crazy if you're used to working down south. This can also help if you want to get a mortgage, as they usually require at least 2 years of tax. 

Most of my work in London consist of editorial and personal styling. I have many clients as a personal stylist that I pick clothes out on a weekly basis, usually through online zoom calls. Here I look over what clothes each person already has in their wardrobe, and find out what direction they want to take, the places they want to go and how much they are willing to spend each month. From this we co-create a tailed plan to suit every one of our clients needs. We have them looking and feeling a million dollars, wether they are going to a grand ball, or to the gym for a workout. Whatever the occasion your personal stylist has got you covered!

Editorial photoshoots are not only my favourite kind to work on, I also specialise in doing them. I have worked for lots of different magazines, and high end clients that have required me to develop my skills for all different kind of jobs. This ranges from make up and cosmetic brands, swimwear campaigns and many more. 


If you would like to enquire about booking me for a photoshoot or as your own personal stylist, please don't hesitate to call me on 0123 456 789 or alternatively fill in the form on the Contact Us page.